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GPS voice communicating medical alert device

The Safety Alert GPS voice communicating device is a breakthrough product that offers more advanced features than other emergency medical alert devices. An ideal solution to give seniors unprecedented independence and security, the Safety Alert is packaged in a pendant-size device that can be worn around the neck. This device is sophisticated, yet easy to use and can connect the wearer directly to as many as 10 caregivers rather than a dispatcher, saving time and the stress of dealing with a stranger.

Safety Alert GPS Tracker Features:

  • Provides full GPS Data – Real time location, speed, speed alerts, GEO fence

  • Prominent SOS Button will send text message and make call.  Button is labeled in Braille for visually impaired users

  • Offers two-way voice capability and operates anywhere with GSM coverage

  • Able to receive incoming calls from up to 10 different telephone numbers

  • G-shock sensors send notifications to caregivers upon impact in case of a fall

  • Quad Band for international use

  • FCC, TCRB and AT&T approved

  • Applications:  personal tracking for the elderly, young children, law enforcement, special needs