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We are here for you…

Your appointment is important to us.  Errands & Services is a locally owned business.  We only hire courteous and safe drivers to make your trip worry-free.

  • Drivers are trained in Safe Senior Transportation

  • Drivers are First Aid Certified

  • Drivers have safe driving records

I am a professional person and I would be lost without Errands & Services driving Dad. He loves them! They drive Dad all about town!
- Betsy
This is a service that is very much needed. Errands & Services takes me to all my doctors appointments! Without them I would have to take a cab.
- Janet

Errands and Services really is like a son or daughter on wheels!
- Carol
Thank you so much for the courteous and caring service!
- Ann
You are an invaluable service to me.
- Dottie
I don’t worry about getting around anymore. I am so grateful to have such a nice and safe driver to take me where I need to go.
- Margaret